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I’m suppose to write an essay (250 words) about ‘first impression is the last impression’ to what extent do you agree?, summarize any article of my choice (150 words) and record myself talking about my hometown for 1.5 minutes!! guess what I’ve done so far? none.

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Sticking tape on a frosted glass makes it see through. Air and glass have a very different refractive index, so if you have a rough glass surface, the incoming light is scattered in all directions, thus blurring the image you see through it.

Tape has a similar refractive index as glass, so if you stick it to frosted glass, the sticky material will fill out the little bumps in the glass. The non-sticky side is practically flat, so by sticking tape to the frosted side of glass that’s frosted on one side, you are essentially making it flat again, and making the glass clear. 

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Hi! So I finally decided to sell my drawings, since you guys ask me this quite often. if you want to buy any please contact me on You can buy any drawing for 30$ (if it’s not sold yet of course), payments are accepted via PayPal (sorry if it’s too expensive, but keep in mind that it’s original artwork and free international shipping included). Also if you want a commission- just ask. Have a great day everyone and thanks for the support😊 (ok now I feel awkward) #drawings

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